Apple, citing multiple sources, abandons its long-rumored electric car project, ending a decade-long, secretive, and costly endeavor. The company, during an internal meeting on Tuesday, announces layoffs and reassignments, shifting focus to generative artificial intelligence.

The cancellation of Project Titan, the electric car initiative, marks a significant reversal of Apple’s prior strategy, estimated to have cost billions in research and development. Apple CEO Tim Cook, in the past, hinted at the company’s interest in a car, never confirming active development.

Bloomberg reports that many project employees were caught off guard, risking job losses. Since 2014, the project faced challenges, revisions, and struggled to bring a product to market. In 2016, Apple laid off dozens from the project; in 2021, a key executive left for Ford. Bloomberg earlier stated Apple delayed the car launch to 2028, scaling back from a fully autonomous vehicle to one with Tesla-like self-driving features. This contrasts with the original plan of a driverless car with no steering wheel and a limousine-like interior.

Elon Musk responded to Apple’s electric car abandonment by tweeting salute and cigarette emojis. Apple will reportedly allocate more resources to generative AI projects, relocating car project staff.

Elon Musk via X (@elonmusk)

During an earnings call earlier this month, Cook said that Apple was investing “a tremendous amount of time and effort” on artificial intelligence and would introduce generative AI features to its customers within the year.