IT giant HCLTech and Google Cloud have joined forces to scale a powerful AI model called Gemini for global companies. This initiative aims to leverage Gemini’s capabilities to drive business value and innovation across various industries.

HCLTech will train 25,000 engineers on Google Cloud’s latest GenAI technology, empowering them to support clients throughout their AI projects. This includes developing new use cases for Gemini and integrating its capabilities into existing HCLTech platforms and offerings. The focus will be on bringing the power of generative AI to sectors like manufacturing, healthcare, and telecommunications.

One area of focus is the HCLTech AI Force platform, a pre-built GenAI solution that optimizes software development lifecycles. By integrating Gemini’s advanced code completion and summarization features, HCLTech aims to enhance the platform’s capabilities. This will allow engineers to generate code, fix issues, and accelerate project delivery for clients.

This collaboration signifies a significant step in making Gemini a leading AI tool for global enterprises. By combining HCLTech’s expertise with Google Cloud’s GenAI technology, the initiative has the potential to revolutionize various industries and how businesses operate.