Microsoft is developing an AI chatbot specifically designed for the platform. This “embodied AI character,” as it’s being called, aims to provide quicker and more efficient solutions to user queries.

Codenamed “Xbox Support Virtual Agent,” the chatbot is trained on Xbox’s support documentation and can address a wide range of issues. From troubleshooting technical problems to managing account details, the virtual assistant is designed to handle a significant portion of user inquiries.

The potential for the chatbot extends beyond basic troubleshooting. Reports suggest it might even be able to process game refunds in the future, further simplifying the customer support experience.

Currently, in a testing phase, the Xbox Support Virtual Agent signifies Microsoft’s growing focus on integrating AI into its gaming products. This development aligns with the company’s broader strategy of leveraging AI across its offerings.

While the exact release date remains undisclosed, the wider testing pool suggests a potential public rollout soon. With the Xbox Support Virtual Agent, Microsoft is poised to reshape the way Xbox users receive support, offering a more convenient and efficient experience.