Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates held a riveting debate on a variety of crucial problems, including artificial intelligence (AI), climate change mitigation, and women’s empowerment. The leaders provided insights into the global convergence of technology, sustainability, and social empowerment.

Bill Gates lauded India’s technology advances, emphasizing the country’s vital position in AI creation. While PM Modi emphasized the inextricable relationship between AI and everyday life, he also joked about a child’s first screams and the importance of ‘AI’ in Indian society.

Here are the main points of their discussion:

  • The leaders’ conversation delved deeper into India’s strategic interest in AI, as seen by the recent approval of the comprehensive IndiaAI mission, which includes a significant cash allocation.
  • This mission is to strengthen the AI ecosystem through strategic collaborations and cross-sector activities that promote innovation and inclusive growth.
  • PM Modi also mentioned efforts targeted at empowering women, such as the revolutionary Namo Drone Didi program, which provides women with drone piloting training, promoting economic independence and rural development.
  • The discussion emphasized India’s ambitious climate commitments, particularly the “Panchamrit” vow made during the COP26 meeting.
  • PM Modi also displayed a garment made of recycled materials, reflecting India’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.