Google Photos is getting a major upgrade with the introduction of “Ask Photos,” a new AI-powered search feature. This innovative tool allows users to ditch traditional keyword searches and instead ask questions in natural language to find their photos and videos.

Source: Google

Imagine searching for “Show me the best photos of the national parks I’ve ever visited” or “Can you find the pictures from that birthday party with the cake shaped like a cat?” Ask Photos utilizes Google’s powerful AI, Gemini, to understand the intent behind your questions and scour your photo library to deliver the most relevant results.

Source: Google

This feature goes beyond simply locating photos based on places or objects. Ask Photos can analyze content within the images, allowing you to search for things like “pictures where I’m wearing a red jacket” or “find videos of the kids playing in the backyard.”

The rollout of Ask Photos comes alongside Google’s commitment to user privacy. The company assures users that all photo analysis for Ask Photos occurs entirely on the device, ensuring your photos remain private.

Ask Photos represents a significant leap forward in photo management. It empowers users to leverage the power of AI to effortlessly navigate their ever-growing digital collections. This intuitive search feature is particularly beneficial for those with massive photo libraries, saving them the time and frustration of sifting through countless images.

The initial launch of Ask Photos is available to users in the United States, with a planned global rollout by the end of 2024. This innovative tool is sure to transform how people interact with their photo libraries, making it easier than ever to find and relive cherished memories.