claims that in 2023, tokens with an AI concentration enjoyed a spike in price while the overall cryptocurrency market was primarily moving sideways. Although blockchain suffered a decline in popularity, experts predict that AI will remain in use.

According to sources, OpenAI’s DALL-E helped popularize Experts AI for the first time in early 2021. One cannot exist online these days without encountering AI-generated material, according to current thinking.

Active voice: Game creators will create new games with blockchain components. In an effort to introduce generative Experts AI to gaming, one firm, Atlas, works with numerous of these businesses. Ben James, CEO of Atlas, joined presenters Jonathan DeYoung and Ray Salmond on Episode 30 of The Agenda podcast to talk about a variety of topics, including Web3.0 games, generative AI in gaming, and the advancement of artificial intelligence.

It doesn’t have to be the main selling feature. Play is still the main focus. It still has to do with that encounter. It still comes down to losing yourself in those incredibly fascinating creative experiences and realms. And the technological component of that, such as blockchain, just really facilitates that. CEO of Atlas, Ben James, came to a close.