Not only is fast-food giant Wendy’s embracing AI to elevate its loyalty program, but the company has also deployed a new AI-based loyalty platform. Consequently, it will offer features such as gamification and personalization.

Additionally, the fast food giant is implementing the Par Technology Punchh loyalty platform. In fact, it covers nearly 6,500 locations in the U.S. and Canada. By utilizing the AI-powered Punchh solution along with Par Technology’s enterprise support, Wendy’s aims to advance its loyalty program.

Moreover, the retailer seeks to provide gamified experiences, targeted offers, and exclusive promotions. These will be tailored to individual customer preferences. Furthermore, Par Punchh’s open architecture allows seamless app and online integration, thereby enhancing the omnichannel experience.

“Loyalty drives customer lifetime value,” said Savneet Singh, Par Technology CEO. “Our technology and loyalty experts give brands tools for guest loyalty. As a result, it puts us in the driver’s seat to deliver results.” Singh expressed confidence in deepening customer relationships through the Wendy’s partnership.

In a separate initiative, Wendy’s is also expanding its Google partnership for an AI drive-thru pilot. Specifically, the “Wendy’s FreshAI” solution utilizes Google Cloud’s generative AI and language models. As a consequence, it can conduct conversations, understand made-to-order requests, and answer FAQs automatically.

Meanwhile, Google’s language models integrate Wendy’s menu data, business rules and conversation logic. Likewise, the pilot interfaces with the retailer’s restaurant hardware and POS system. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Wendy’s and franchisees employ hundreds of thousands worldwide across approximately 7,000 restaurants.