Anthropic, the AI startup backed by Amazon, has launched its conversational AI assistant, Claude, across Europe blog post. European individuals and businesses can now access Claude through a web application and an iOS mobile app.

Claude boasts “strong levels of comprehension and fluency” in multiple European languages, including French, German, Spanish, and Italian. This caters to the diverse linguistic landscape of the continent.

The launch comes shortly after Anthropic introduced Claude’s most powerful iteration, Claude 3, in the United States in March 2024. This version boasts superior image analysis capabilities alongside its conversational strengths.

European users will have access to tiered subscription plans. A free basic plan offers limited functionality, while a paid subscription called Claude Pro unlocks access to all of Claude’s models, including Claude 3 Opus, Anthropic’s most advanced offering. Additionally, Anthropic offers business-focused Claude Team subscriptions for a monthly fee.

This strategic move by Anthropic positions Claude as a competitor in the European AI market, where it will vie for users against established players like Google’s Bard. Early reports suggest Claude excels in writing quality, while competitors may have an edge in reasoning tasks.

The arrival of Claude in Europe signifies a potential shakeup in the AI assistant landscape. With its focus on strong language skills and real-time information access, Claude offers a compelling option for European users seeking an advanced conversational AI experience.