Elon Musk ignited a legal battle against OpenAI and CEO Sam Altman over alleged breaches of agreements from his 2015 involvement launching ChatGPT. Specifically, Musk claimed OpenAI deviated from its mission benefiting humanity over profits.

Consequently, his lawyers argued OpenAI’s profit pursuits contradicted the AI startup’s founding principles. Ironically enough, Musk co-founded OpenAI in 2015 before leaving its board in 2018. In an unconventional resolution proposal, Musk then offered dropping the lawsuit if OpenAI rebrands as “ClosedAI.”

via X (@elonmusk)

On his X platform, Musk playfully stated, “Change your name to ClosedAI and I will drop the lawsuit.” Additionally, he edited Sam Altman’s photo with a “ClosedAI” guest ID beside OpenAI’s logo, writing “Fixed it.”

Moreover, Musk’s meme campaign continued with an animated butterfly ID’d as “ClosedAI” dismissing an “OpenAI” ID as outdated. His witty visuals loudly convey displeasure with OpenAI.

This development came after OpenAI released private Musk emails on March 6 in response to the suit. Simultaneously, OpenAI expressed disappointment over escalations given Musk’s past inspiration. They cited Musk’s initial skepticism preceding a competing venture and lawsuit as OpenAI progressed its mission.

In 2017 emails, OpenAI noted needing “billions” beyond any individual’s funding ability. Furthermore, Musk allegedly proposed tying OpenAI to “Tesla as its cash cow” but negotiations crumbled when he withheld funds despite OpenAI rejecting total individual control contradicting principles.

“When he left in late February 2018, he told our team he was supportive of us finding our own path,” OpenAI stated of Musk’s departure.

Overall, the heated feud sees the billionaire mocking OpenAI via rebranding demands following years of involvement and eventual split over differing visions for ethical, responsible AI development.