Apple is in talks to integrate Google’s Gemini engine into the iPhone. Bloomberg reported this citing people familiar with the matter. The two firms are actively negotiating for Apple’s licensing Gemini. Gemini is Google’s collection of generative AI models. This move aims to enhance upcoming iPhone software features.

Apple’s plan is to introduce fresh functionalities in iOS 18. It will use its proprietary AI models for this. However, these improvements will focus on device-based features. Apple seeks a collaborator for complex generative AI tasks. These include image generation and essay writing based on prompts.

Reports suggest iOS 18 will use generative AI technology. This will boost Siri’s capabilities and enhance auto-completion in Messages. Apple is also considering generative AI for apps like Apple Music. It may use it for Pages, Keynote, and Xcode too. Apple has had recent talks with OpenAI as well. It has evaluated using OpenAI’s model.

Last year, Google introduced Gemini Nano for edge use cases. Before potential Apple collaboration, Google partnered with Samsung. It introduced Gemini in the Galaxy S24.

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Meanwhile, Apple is making strides in generative AI space. Recently, it published a paper unveiling MM1. MM1 is a new multimodal AI model family. Its largest model has 30B parameters. Apple also quietly acquired Darwin AI. It’s a Canadian AI startup specializing in machine vision intelligence.

Although slower than others in adopting generative AI initially, Apple progressed steadily. “Our policy keeps development details confidential,” said Tim Cook. “But we are heavily invested in this area.” This was during last year’s Q3 earnings call.

Apple plans to bring generative AI capabilities to Siri too. As AI race intensifies, Apple pursuing Google’s Gemini underlines commitment. It aims to be at the forefront of transformative technology.