After months of iOS users enjoying seamless access to Gemini, Google’s advanced AI chatbot, the wait is finally over. Gemini is set to be integrated directly into the Google app on Android devices. This integration brings feature parity between the two mobile operating systems and allows Android users to experience the full capabilities of Gemini without needing a separate app.

Previously, Android users had to rely on the standalone Gemini app to access its features. This meant an extra step for users who wanted to leverage the power of Google’s AI for tasks like complex search queries, creative writing assistance, or even engaging in informative conversations.

The new update, currently in development, will introduce a dedicated Gemini toggle within the Google app. This toggle will mirror the functionality found on iOS, allowing users to switch between the standard Google Search experience and the AI-powered Gemini interface with just a tap. Leaked visuals suggest smooth animations will accompany the transition, enhancing user experience.

The update is also expected to bring revamped shortcuts for other Google features like Gallery, Translate, Homework, and Sing. These shortcuts were previously spotted in beta versions of the app, and their inclusion in the public release hints at a more streamlined and user-friendly Google app experience.

While the exact release date for the update remains undisclosed, reports suggest it could take weeks or even months to reach all users. However, those enrolled in the Google app’s beta program might get early access.

This integration signifies Google’s commitment to making its powerful AI tools accessible to a broader audience. It empowers Android users to explore the potential of AI-powered search and interaction, potentially transforming the way they engage with information and complete tasks on their mobile devices.