Altera has secured funding to develop its innovative AI agents designed to play video games. This funding round, totaling $9 million, was co-led by tech heavyweight Eric Schmidt’s deep tech investment firm, First Spark Ventures, and Patron, a seed-stage fund established by veterans of gaming giant Riot Games.

Altera’s technology takes aim at revolutionizing the way we interact with video games. Their AI agents, built for autonomous play, promise to learn and adapt within game environments, offering a unique challenge for human players or potentially even teaming up alongside them.

This investment round follows previous pre-seed funding of $2 million secured by Altera earlier this year, highlighting the growing interest in their AI-powered gaming approach.

The company plans to utilize the new funds to expand its team with additional scientists, engineers, and specialists to fuel product development and growth. Notably, Altera’s AI agents are designed with versatility in mind.  They can “execute an action as code,” according to Altera’s CEO, Yang. This means the agents can potentially adapt to various games without significant customization, potentially working with titles like Minecraft and Stardew Valley.

Looking beyond the initial game integration, Altera also aims to integrate its technology with game engine SDKs, allowing for broader adoption by game developers. This could lead to the creation of entirely new gameplay experiences built around AI interaction.

The high-profile backing for Altera, including the involvement of Eric Schmidt, signifies the potential this technology holds within the gaming industry. While the long-term impact remains to be seen, Altera’s AI agents mark a significant step towards a more dynamic and interactive gaming future.