OpenAI has announced a new feature for their AI chatbot ChatGPT on Android phones. A new home screen widget was recently unveiled, marking the latest step forward in OpenAI’s efforts to improve user experience in the face of tough competition from rival AI chatbots like as Google Gemini. A contributor to Android Central revealed this widget in a post on X (previously known as Twitter). This new feature improves ChatGPT’s accessibility by giving Android users instant access from their home screens.

This new widget provides a variety of options, including shortcuts for text, voice, and video questions. It simplifies interactions with the AI chatbot.

The widget makes it easier to start a conversation using ChatGPT, allowing for smooth interaction without having to close or leave the home screen. The widget, which debuted in-app version 1.2024.052, is expected to transform user engagement with the platform.

Notably, it is still unavailable in the latest version, 1.2024.045, which is available on the Google Play store. Because of this mismatch, it appears that the widget is still in beta and has not yet been published to the public.

Sora, another breakthrough from OpenAI

OpenAI just announced another achievement in generative artificial intelligence. A week ago, the creator of ChatGPT introduced a new program that can instantaneously generate short films in response to textual orders. The latest text-to-video generator from Microsoft-backed OpenAI is dubbed Sora. Other digital behemoths, such as Google and Meta, have previously displayed similar technology, but OpenAI appears to be much ahead in terms of quality.

After the release of Sora software, a renowned YouTuber, Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast, contacted OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. “Sam please don’t make me homeless.” Altman said, “Will make you a video; what do you want?” The user commented, “Hmmm, a monkey playing chess in a park.”

Immediately, the CEO of OpenAI posted a high-quality video of Sora on the X platform.