In a first for higher education, OpenAI and Arizona State University will collaborate to integrate ChatGPT Enterprise for faculty and staff to investigate innovative AI applications for student success and research.

OpenAI, the developer of artificial intelligence (AI), and Arizona State University (ASU), one of the leading research universities in the United States, have announced a new collaboration to implement ChatGPT enterprise in higher education.

ASU is the first higher education institution to collaborate with OpenAI, according to an announcement made on January 18. Beginning in February, faculty and staff at the university will be invited to submit proposals for innovative ChatGPT Enterprise use cases.

The university’s three main areas of focus are improving student success, exploring new avenues for innovative research, and streamlining organizational processes.

ASU’s chief information officer, Lev Gonick, stated that nearly two-thirds of organizations are already “actively exploring” the integration of AI.

“The goal is to use ASU’s knowledge base to create AI-driven projects that will revolutionize teaching methods, support academic research, and increase administrative effectiveness.”

He went on to say that giving people and organizations equal access to cutting-edge AI tools levels the playing field for using AI for imaginative and creative projects.

The university has already committed to “exploring AI in all forms” and announced the formation of its AI Acceleration team in 2023, a new group of technologists dedicated to developing the next generation of AI tools.

According to the university’s official announcement, the OpenAI collaboration will allow for the development of “new solutions” as part of this team’s efforts. Gonick said:

“If the previous year was the year that generative AI really took off, then 2024 will be the year for serious practice and research to realize this technology’s full potential.”

In order to secure news content licensing, OpenAI has also been actively forming new partnerships as 2024 gets underway, including possible alliances with Times, CNN, and Fox.