A Moscow-based developer has discovered his “happily ever after” following a self-reported year-long trial utilizing ChatGPT and other AI tools to date over 5,000 women via Tinder.

TenChat product manager Alexander Zhadan stated in a Jan. 30 discussion on X that he will marry AI-endorsed sweetheart Karina Imranovna in August after filtering through 5,239 Tinder matches using an AI technique he created.

It filtered out women based on his red flags, made small conversations on his behalf, scheduled dates, and even assisted him in proposing to his now-fiance.

Alexander Zhadan
Source: Aleksandr Zhadan

In a 37-part Russian thread, Zhadan disclosed that he began the experiment a year, after his ex-“girlfriend” (who now claims they were simply acquaintances), terminated their two-year romance in 2021. Returning to dating, Zhadan stated that his Tinder connections “went to a dead end” within weeks.

“I decided to ease conversation with girls via GPT.”

Zhadan started working after acquiring access to the GPT-3 API in 2022, describing it as a simple script that would “swipe right” to women who had more than two photos on their profile.

However, following the release of ChatGPT in late November 2022, his system was upgraded to “V2.”

This used ChatGPT with photo recognition software to screen out women who had zodiac signs on their profiles or photographs of their breasts, among other customizable criteria.

Chat up GPT

The improvement also allowed his AI bot to sound more like him when chatting with his Tinder matches.

“ChatGPT discovered better girls and chatted longer […] ChatGPT swiped to the right 353 profiles, 278 tags; he extended the conversation with 160, and I met with 12.”

However, the system often promised his dates flowers, or chocolate without his knowledge, and it occasionally double-booked him on dates.

Zhadan eventually improved this by linking his system with Google Calendar and creating a function that would solicit his feedback on parts of a chat to which ChatGPT was having difficulty responding.

“This time there are 4943 matches per month on Tinder Gold and it’s scary to count how many meetings,” Zhadan went on to say.

Zhadan eventually admitted to limiting his interactions to only four women at a time and only being on “serious terms” with one of them, Karina.

This prompted Zhadan to create “V3,” which was designed solely for engaging with Karina — but he admits it was only used as a backup plan if he didn’t react for a long length of time.

The experiment turned another twist in November after ChatGPT recommended Zhadan marry Karina based on a talk with her and even helped design a plan for him to propose during a trip to Macau and Hong Kong.

Source: Aleksandr Zhadan

According to a screenshot of a marriage registration booking confirmation given by Zhadan, the couple is due to marry on August 3, 2024.

The groom-to-be recently made headlines after admitting to utilizing OpenAI’s ChatGPT to write his entire university thesis in 2022, and he was even permitted to keep his diploma.

“The project took approximately 120 hours to construct and cost $1,432 in API. Restaurant costs total 200 rubles […] If you met yourself and went on dates, it would take more than 5 years and 13 million rubles. Zhadan expressed gratitude to ChatGPT for helping him save money and time.