In an effort to prevent any potential blunders in the application of the technology. Alphabet-owned Google announced on Tuesday that it will not be allowing. Its AI chatbot Gemini to respond to inquiries concerning the upcoming worldwide elections.

The release of the upgrade comes at a time when advances in generative AI. Including the creation of images and videos, have heightened the public’s concerns. About false information and fake news, prompting governments to regulate the technology.

When questioned about elections, such the one that will take place in the United States in which Joe Biden and Donald Trump will face off for the presidency, Gemini says. “I’m still learning how to answer this question.” In the interim, utilize Google Search.”

In December, Google made an announcement about limits in the United States, stating that they will take effect before the election.

Gemini AI’s Cautionary Measures for 2024 Global Elections

“In preparation for the many elections happening around the world in 2024 and out of an abundance of caution. We are restricting the types of election-related queries for which Gemini will return responses.” A spokeswoman for the firm stated on Tuesday.

In addition to the US, a number of sizable nations, including South Africa and India, the largest democracy in the world, will host national elections.

Before making “unreliable” or experimental AI tools available to the public. India has requested that tech companies obtain government approval and mark the tools as potentially incorrect.

Google had to halt the chatbot’s ability to generate images late last month due to errors in certain historical person representations produced by Gemini. Which has since brought criticism to its AI products.

The chatbot’s responses were deemed “biased” and “completely unacceptable” by CEO Sundar Pichai. Who also stated that the business was trying to address such problems.

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The company that owns Facebook, Meta Platforms, announced last month. That it will build a team to combat misinformation and the misuse of generative AI in the lead-up to the June elections for the European Parliament.