According to CNBC, a Google employee lost his job after interfering with the managing director of The search engine giant’s Israel division during the keynote speech about the company’s partnership with the Israeli military.

The Hindustan Times cannot confirm the validity of this widely shared video showing the former Google Cloud engineer addressing. The senior executive, saying, “I refuse to build technology that powers genocide.

The claims that staff members posted remarks on Google’s employee message board about the search engine giant’s connections to the Israeli military. A Google representative shut down the online forum, citing “divisive content that is disruptive” to the workplace.

Recent employee demonstrations against Google’s relationships with US and foreign militaries have affected the company. In 2018, Google employees opposed Project Maven, a contract with the Defense Department.

Over 3,100 workers then reportedly urged that the business abandon the Pentagon project to create computer vision algorithms that can analyze drone footage.

Google dismissed an engineer over protests against the $1.2 billion Project Nimbus deal with Israel. Triggering strife as 600+ employees called to halt support for an Israeli IT conference amid the Israel-Palestine crisis.The engineer. Ousted while protesting with the phrase “No cloud for apartheid,” was escorted out amid jeers. Google cited policy violations and interference at a company event as reasons for the termination.