The web3-focused investment firm Borderless Capital said on Tuesday that it is purchasing CTF Capital. A Miami-based quantitative trading and asset management company with operations and technology teams located throughout Latin America. The transaction’s financial specifics were kept under wraps. Since its founding in 2018, Borderless has made one acquisition with this deal.

Through this acquisition, Borderless Capital will enhance its own operations with AI-powered quant trading know-how. With this acquisition, the company also expands its geographic reach into Latin America. In the second quarter of this year, it intends to open a new office in Argentina, which is one of the top hubs for web3 technology innovation.

Borderless Capital’s Strategic Expansion Post-CTF Merger

CTF Capital developed trading models and capabilities that leveraged maximal extractable value (MEV) methods, automated market making (AMM). A decentralized exchange that trades digital assets using algorithms, and artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) strategy engines. In decentralized finance, block miners can profit from manipulating transaction orders by using the MEV approach. Tokens and blockchains can rise and fall swiftly in the rapidly evolving web3 world. Thus being nimble in trade is essential for any investing organization that focuses on cryptocurrency.

Enhanced Asset Management and Diverse Fund Portfolio Post-merger, Borderless Capital’s assets under management (AUM) will exceed $500 million, encompassing six funds including. The Algorand Fund and a $50 million cross-chain fund. The integration includes CTF Capital’s funds into Borderless’s Multi-Strategy Fund V LP, now boasting $100 million in AUM, aiming for maximum risk-adjusted returns in digital assets.

Team Growth and Talent Acquisition The acquisition brought all 11 CTF employees, including two partners, to Borderless, expanding its team to over 40 members. This move not only enhances Borderless’s operational capabilities but also enriches its strategic insights and expertise in blockchain investments.

Innovative Investment Strategies and Regional Focus David Garcia discusses the acquisition’s significance in bringing AI and machine learning-driven investment strategies to Borderless. Especially in exploiting MEV on-chain markets. This strategic move introduces new limited partners from Latin America. Enhancing Borderless’s presence as a leading investment firm in the region and leveraging local insights through. A new Argentina office, aiming to serve Latin American investors and customers more effectively.