Microsoft is gearing up for its annual developer conference, Build 2024, and artificial intelligence (AI) appears to be a major focus this year. Windows users can expect a wave of new AI-powered features designed to enhance their user experience.

One of the highlights will be the integration of AI into the popular open-source PowerToys suite. A new feature called “Advanced Paste” leverages on-device AI models for intelligent text reformatting. This could prove beneficial for tasks like code editing or data manipulation.

Beyond PowerToys, Microsoft is teasing a more substantial AI-powered feature for Windows itself. Details are scarce, but the focus seems to be on enabling “deeper interaction with your digital life” within Windows apps. This could hint at smarter assistants, more personalized content recommendations, or even proactive suggestions based on user behavior.

Developers building for the cloud platform Azure won’t be left out either. Microsoft plans to showcase advancements in its AI safety tools, designed to mitigate risks like the generation of explicit content. Additionally, the company will shed light on upcoming improvements to its Copilot AI assistant for Azure, potentially enhancing its capabilities for developers.

This emphasis on AI aligns with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s earlier declaration of 2024 being the year AI becomes a “first-class” feature across the company’s product portfolio. Build 2024, scheduled for May 21st to 23rd, is expected to be a platform for showcasing these advancements and their potential impact on Windows and the broader developer ecosystem.