Google, the search giant synonymous with free access to information, might be on the verge of a significant change. According to a report from the Financial Times, Google is considering introducing a paid tier for some of its search functionalities powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

This move represents a potential turning point for Google’s core service, which has traditionally relied on advertising revenue generated through user searches. The report suggests Google is exploring various options, including bundling these advanced AI features with premium subscriptions.

While details remain scarce, it’s important to note that the free, ad-supported search experience is likely here to stay. The report indicates that the paid tier would be targeted towards users seeking more advanced AI-powered features on top of the existing search functionalities.

The reasoning behind this potential shift is unclear. Google might be aiming to tap into a new revenue stream to support the development and maintenance of increasingly sophisticated AI search features. Additionally, it could be a way to cater to users with more specific needs who require enhanced search capabilities.

This news has sparked discussions about the accessibility of information and the potential impact on users who rely on Google’s free search tools. It’s important to stay updated on how this situation unfolds, particularly regarding the nature of the AI-powered features offered in the paid tier and the impact on the free search experience.