Google has prepared Android 15, which is now available in Developer Preview for users to start testing before the official release later this year. Meanwhile, manufacturers are still pushing the Android 14 update for their phones. Android keeps developing new privacy features and tools in an effort to optimize the software and improve phone and other device performance. Since developers have access to the most recent version of Android, ordinary users may find it difficult to install the Android flavor, and we recommend that you refrain from doing so on your primary phone.

Android 15 Developer Preview: Compatibility of Supported Phones

Google delivers early versions of its software to Pixel devices, as you may already be aware, and this time is no exception. We advise ordinary users to wait for the Android 15 Beta program to receive the OTA version of Android 15 so they can try the Developer Preview instead of installing the system images, which can be a complicated process. The Android 15 Developer Preview is not available via software update.

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Developer Preview of Android 15: New Features Arriving in 2024

“We recently discussed the Privacy Sandbox, and thanks to it, Android 15 will undergo a significant change in how advertisers target users through advertisements.” People who view adverts based on their activity should feel relieved that Google promises to anonymize the data.

With the Connect API, Android 15 will get new health capabilities that measure heart rate, exercise, and sleep, among other things. In addition, the updated version allows you to share individual program windows during screen recording, instead of the entire screen. Additionally, the camera receives some new integrated capabilities and controls to enhance photo brightness—a trait that is crucial for Google Pixel devices. Lastly, the Android 15 version may assist in controlling the cores’ heat workload and utilizing the performance cores only when absolutely necessary.

In the upcoming months, the Android 15 beta program will be rolled out by Google, with the official release anticipated in October 2024 when the new Pixel 9 series is unveiled.