Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholder meeting, legendary investor Warren Buffett expressed strong reservations about artificial intelligence (AI). The 93-year-old billionaire reportedly compared the potential dangers of AI to the development of nuclear weapons.

This dramatic statement stemmed from Buffett’s experience with a deepfake video – a hyperrealistic AI-generated video that can convincingly impersonate a person. The deepfake reportedly featured a near-perfect digital replica of Buffett himself, sparking concerns about the potential for misuse of such technology in financial scams or the spread of misinformation.

While acknowledging his limited technical knowledge of AI, Buffett emphasized his belief that the technology’s potential for malicious applications shouldn’t be ignored. He compared it to the development of the atomic bomb, highlighting the devastating consequences that could arise from uncontrolled or malicious use.

Buffett’s comments come amidst a growing global conversation about the ethical implications of AI. While AI offers immense potential for positive advancements, concerns regarding job displacement, privacy violations, and autonomous weapons systems are on the rise.

This unexpected stance from a prominent figure like Buffett is likely to add fuel to the ongoing debate. It underscores the need for responsible development and regulation of AI to ensure its benefits outweigh the potential risks.