Ola has unveiled its latest venture: Krutrim, an AI assistant with its own mobile app. This marks a significant step for Ola as it expands beyond transportation services and into the realm of artificial intelligence.

The Krutrim mobile app, currently available for Android with an iPhone version expected soon, boasts a user-friendly interface allowing interaction with Ola’s AI chatbot. This AI assistant is built upon a powerful large language model (LLM) trained on a massive dataset of Indian language data exceeding 2 trillion tokens. This extensive training empowers Krutrim to understand and respond to queries in over 10 Indian languages, with plans to incorporate all 22 scheduled languages.

Krutrim’s capabilities extend beyond mere language comprehension. The AI assistant can integrate with other applications, personalize suggestions based on user preferences, and constantly learn and adapt to improve its interactions. This adaptability positions Krutrim as a potentially versatile tool for various tasks, from scheduling appointments to seeking information or even entertainment.

This launch coincides with the introduction of Krutrim Cloud, a platform offering access to Ola’s AI infrastructure and LLMs. Developers and enterprises can leverage Krutrim Cloud to build their own AI-powered applications, potentially accelerating innovation within the Indian tech landscape.

While the full potential of Krutrim remains to be seen, its multilingual capabilities and focus on the Indian market position it as a unique offering. Whether Krutrim will revolutionize AI adoption as envisioned by Ola remains to be determined, but its launch signifies a notable development in the Indian AI scene.