ChatGPT, the well-known artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot from OpenAI, has released a widget that enables easier access from the home screen for Android handsets. OpenAI is currently testing a number of additional capabilities, with the most recent being the home screen widget. Companies like Google Gemini, a recently unveiled smartphone assistant, pose fierce competition for OpenAI. One notable addition is ChatGPT’s memory feature, allowing the AI chatbot to recall your most recent interaction, eliminating the need for repeating reminders. The company aims to enhance user accessibility to the AI chatbot through the home screen widget.

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Furthermore, users can engage directly with the AI chatbot from their smartphone’s home screen by initiating a conversation mode. Observers noted the app with the ChatGPT widget in version 1.2024.052.

OpenAI introduced this feature for ChatGPT shortly after the AI encountered issues on February 20. ChatGPT had problems as users experienced it doing things on its own, getting stuck at times, correcting itself occasionally, and providing answers that didn’t make sense. The AI chatbot purportedly made linguistic switches autonomously, became stuck in loops, occasionally corrected itself, and even responded with incomprehensible sentences.

Shortly after, OpenAI acknowledged the problems. The organization promptly identified and applied fixes to the issue, and it continued to monitor the situation.