Later this year, Apple plans to release iOS 18, the next significant update for the iPhone OS. iOS 18 is expected to be among the largest and most ambitious releases in Apple’s history, with a special emphasis on artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that will improve the iPhone experience in a number of ways.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the technology that makes it possible for machines to execute out activities like language comprehension, picture recognition, and content creation that would typically need human intellect. With significant investments in AI research and development, Apple has created Gemini, a massive language model that can comprehend billions of words and provide natural language answers.

Apple intends to include Gemini and more AI technologies into its primary applications and services, including Notes, Photos, Music, Messages, and Siri, with iOS 18.

Siri: Gemini will make the voice assistant more intelligent and conversational. Siri will have the ability to compile material from articles, podcasts, videos, and web pages into a summary and offer recommendations and pertinent details. Additionally, Siri will be able to respond to more individualized and contextual searches and answer increasingly complicated and natural queries.

Messages: ChatGPT, a new AI-powered feature for the messaging app, will enable users communicate with an AI bot that can answer queries and automatically finish sentences. Additionally, ChatGPT will be able to translate messages in real-time between languages and on-the-go without the need for an internet connection.

Music: Auto-Playlists, a new AI-powered tool for the music streaming service, will build customized playlists based on the user’s listening history, activity, mood, and preferences. Moreover, Auto-Playlists will have the ability to combine music from various artists, genres, and historical periods to produce smooth mashups and transitions.

Notes: Quick Notes, a new AI-powered feature for the note-taking software, will make it easier and faster for users to take notes. Based on the user’s input, Quick Notes will be able to produce information including outlines, diagrams, summaries, and bullet points. In addition, Quick Notes will have the ability to add links and references while extracting and organizing data from papers, photos, and web sites.