Google’s AI push with Gemini has encountered a stumbling block, forcing the corporation to stop one of its features due to serious technological flaws. Google Gemini AI also provides a service that allows users to make photographs utilizing AI technology, and the feature we are referring to is the image generation of humans.

Google has acknowledged the concerns about the AI tool and has opted to suspend it, with the promise of releasing an updated version soon.

It all started when Google released the image generating tool to the public earlier this month, and individuals began complaining about erroneous features in historical images, which is a major red signal for the business and its AI ambitions. Google has taken a careful approach to AI advancement, which explains why it has taken longer to enter the market than OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

AI models are being trained on existing data, however, the technology appears to have flaws, resulting in instances like these, leading the corporation to cease the tool before it causes further problems for the public. AI getting it wrong about historical individuals can draw unwanted attention and scrutiny from the government, which is already looking into methods to regulate and restrict the increasing adoption of AI tools.

Companies are already giving paid versions of their AI products, indicating that the technology cannot go rogue, especially for those who are paying to use these advanced tools. We’ll be keeping an eye out for when Google releases the new AI tool, and we’re hoping that the Gemini AI model can address those problems and deliver accurate results.