A screenshot making the rounds on X and Reddit, OpenAI may soon be releasing GPT4.5, its most recent large language model. Later, Sam Altman acknowledged that the “leak” was fake.

OpenAI may soon be releasing GPT4.5

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, has denied rumors that the company will soon release GPT4.5, an updated version of its ChatGPT large language model.

On December 14, a screenshot that was allegedly “leaked” appeared on social media, including X, and included a description of “GPT 4.5” that stated:

“Our most sophisticated model combines sophisticated reasoning and cross-model understanding with multi-model capabilities across language, audio, vision, video, and 3D.”

However, many people began to suspect that the “leaked” screenshot was a hoax. A Reddit thread on r/OpenAI that was posted around December 14 at 10:30 a.m. UTC — the possible source of the “leak” — has been removed by moderators. Some thread comments chastised the original poster for the “fake” post.

Source: Ate-a-Pi

Abacus.AI CEO Bindu Reddy had second thoughts about sharing the “leaked” screenshot herself, tweeting: “The leaked GPT4.5 pricing is almost certainly fake!” “The internet is manifesting its true desires.”

According to Reddy, “quite a few minor details in the screenshot are simply incorrect.”

The “leak” was later denied by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman on X.

Source: Sam Altman

It is unknown whether OpenAI will release GPT-4.5 or leap straight to GPT-5. The following model would be the GPT-4, which was released on March 14, 2023.

Following the release of GPT-3 in June 2020, it took two years for GPT-3.5 to be released in March 2022.

Meanwhile, OpenAI is already hard at work on GPT-5. The AI company filed a trademark application for GPT5 in July, which comprises software for AI-based human speech and text, translating audio to text and voice, and speech recognition.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman told the Financial Times in November that the business is working on GPT-5, but he did not commit to a release date.


While the rumors of a ChatGPT 4.5 update may have been false alarms, OpenAI’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of language models with GPT-5 is undeniable. As we await further details about this next-generation technology, it’s clear that the future of AI-powered communication is rapidly evolving.