Apple was hit with a hefty €1.84 billion fine by the European Union for stifling competition in the music streaming market. The EU found that Apple’s practices, which restricted rival music streaming services’ ability to inform users about alternative pricing options, violated antitrust laws. Apple has announced plans to appeal the decision.

Meanwhile, India unveiled new regulations aimed at governing the development and deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) within the country. These regulations require companies to obtain government approval before launching certain AI models, raising concerns about potential delays and hindering innovation. The Indian government argues these measures are necessary to ensure responsible AI development and mitigate potential risks.

In the world of startups, a major pre-IPO funding round grabbed headlines. Details surrounding the specific company and the amount raised remain undisclosed, but industry insiders suggest it could be one of the largest pre-IPO rounds in recent history. This hefty investment signifies continued investor confidence in the potential of high-growth startups.

These developments highlight the evolving landscape for tech companies. Regulatory scrutiny is intensifying, particularly regarding competition and data privacy. Additionally, governments are grappling with the ethical implications of emerging technologies like AI, leading to new rules and guidelines. Despite these challenges, the ongoing pre-IPO activity indicates that investor appetite for promising startups remains strong.