Social media platform Snap announced plans to introduce watermarks on images created using its built-in AI tools. This move aims to enhance transparency around content authenticity on the platform.

Source: Snap

The watermark, a subtle combination of the Snapchat ghost logo and a sparkle emoji, will appear on any image generated with Snap’s AI features when exported or saved to a user’s camera roll. This will allow viewers, both within and outside the Snapchat app, to easily identify content created with artificial intelligence.

Source: Snap

Snap’s decision comes amidst growing concerns about the proliferation of deepfakes and other AI-manipulated media. By adding watermarks, Snap hopes to equip users with the ability to discern between real photographs and AI-generated visuals.

The company is also implementing additional transparency measures. Context cards will accompany AI-generated images, providing users with information about the specific AI tools employed in their creation.

Snap is committed to responsible AI development and is actively working to minimize potential biases within its AI models. They’ve partnered with bug bounty program experts to identify and address vulnerabilities in their AI tools.

This initiative highlights Snap’s focus on user trust and responsible innovation within the social media landscape. The watermarks and additional context aim to empower users with greater control over the information they consume and share on the platform.