CoreWeave, a leading AI computing provider valued at $19 billion, has established its European headquarters in London. This strategic decision comes with the announcement of two new data centers planned for the UK by the end of 2024.

CoreWeave’s new London headquarters will serve as a central hub for its European operations. The company is actively recruiting for approximately 30 positions across various departments, including software engineering, support engineering, operations, finance, and sales and marketing.

This expansion into Europe reflects the growing demand for high-performance AI computing resources. CoreWeave’s data centers offer businesses the infrastructure needed to train and run complex AI models efficiently. Localized data centers will also benefit European companies by reducing latency and improving the performance of their AI applications.

The specific location of the London headquarters is placed just off Brick Lane in East London. This strategic placement likely reflects factors like access to talent and infrastructure.

While CoreWeave hasn’t released an official statement regarding the specific reasons behind choosing London, the timing suggests the company was already planning this expansion before today’s announcement. This strategic move positions CoreWeave to capitalize on the burgeoning European AI market.

The establishment of a European HQ and planned data centers represent a significant investment by CoreWeave. This commitment positions them as a major player in the European AI landscape, offering businesses the tools and resources they need to thrive in the age of artificial intelligence.