Google CEO Sundar Pichai expressed both surprise and cautious optimism regarding the recent boom in generative AI technology, like the impressive video generation capabilities of OpenAI’s Sora.

Pichai acknowledged being surprised by the rapid advancements in the field, stating, “The progress in generative AI has been remarkable. We weren’t expecting this level of sophistication to be achieved so soon.”

However, he also emphasized the need for responsible development and careful consideration of potential risks. “While generative AI holds immense potential, it’s crucial to ensure its development is done ethically and with safeguards in place to mitigate potential biases or misuse,” Pichai cautioned.

Google, a leader in AI research itself, is likely strategically evaluating its own generative AI projects in light of these advancements. Pichai’s comments suggest Google might prioritize responsible development over rushing to compete in the generative AI space.

It’s interesting to speculate how this might influence the future trajectory of generative AI development. Will Google prioritize safety and responsible AI practices, or will the competitive landscape pressure them to accelerate their projects? Only time will tell how Google navigates this generative AI landscape.