Nvidia, a leading chipmaker, played a vital role in developing OpenAI’s ChatGPT, leveraging thousands of Nvidia GPUs. The company consistently emphasizes its dedication to AI. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang recently highlighted a future where everyone becomes a programmer with AI, eliminating the need for coding. In a recent statement, Huang predicts that Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) might emerge within five years, depending on the definition.

Speaking at a Stanford University economic forum, Nvidia CEO Huang discussed the potential achievement of AGI within five years if defined as passing human tests. He expressed confidence in AI excelling in various computer science industry tests within this timeframe. While current AI can pass some tests, like legal bar exams, it struggles with specialized ones. Huang believes that technology will master all exams within the next five years.

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However, Huang acknowledged that AGI might be more distant based on different definitions, citing the challenge of understanding human minds and the lack of clear definitions for engineers.

AGI, or Artificial General Intelligence, envisions machines understanding the world like humans and acting independently. Since the popularity of ChatGPT, tech experts have shared diverse views on AGI. While some consider it a potential threat, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella focuses on its benefits, aiming for a positive impact globally. He sees AGI as a transformative force, akin to the industrial revolution, with the potential to benefit everyone worldwide.