The Competition Commission of India (CCI) is seeking an agency to conduct a market study on the evolving landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on competition. This move comes as AI continues to permeate various sectors, raising questions about its influence on market dynamics.

The chosen agency will gather existing research and data on AI while also engaging with key stakeholders. This multi-pronged approach aims to provide the CCI with a comprehensive understanding of how AI is shaping competition across industries.

The study will delve into the development ecosystems of AI systems, analyzing how they are created and implemented. It will further assess the implications of AI applications for competition, efficiency, and innovation within key user industries.

By commissioning this study, the CCI hopes to gain valuable insights that will inform its strategies for fostering a competitive and innovative environment. This includes ensuring fair competition prevails as AI adoption accelerates across the Indian market.

The announcement highlights the CCI’s proactive approach towards regulating the tech sector in the face of emerging technologies like AI. The findings of the market study are expected to equip the commission with the knowledge necessary to develop effective policies that promote healthy competition in the AI landscape. This development is likely to be of interest to various stakeholders, including businesses developing and using AI, industry associations, and policymakers concerned with the responsible growth of technology in India.