Explain OpenSea Pro

Explain OpenSea Pro

One of the most well-known NFT markets available today is OpenSea. While many people use the free version of OpenSea, the paid version, OpenSea Pro, offers some more benefits that might speed up and simplify your NFT buying, selling, and flipping.

What is OpenSea Pro?

Source: OpenSea

OpenSea Pro is a marketplace aggregator. In short, this platform allows users to explore listings from many NFT marketplaces utilizing a single platform. OpenSea Pro users can study listings from over 170 marketplaces, giving them access to a diverse range of NFT collections.

  • Live Cross-Marketplace Data: Discover user and collection activities across NFT marketplaces in real time! All data for OpenSea Pro's trends, mints, and collection pages are now updated in seconds.
  • Advanced Orders: Search any NFT marketplace aggregator's deepest liquidity. OpenSea Pro allows you more control over your purchases, (trait) collecting offers, and listings. You may improve your shopping experience with OpenSea Pro by creating orders based on maximum item price, item quantities, attributes, and more.
  • Inventory Management: Manage your inventory with complete control. Buy, sell, and manage goods across markets with ease, all while analyzing your metrics at the wallet, collection, and item levels.
  • Instant Sales: We collect every form of offer on your things from marketplaces all over the world, allowing you to sell them for the best price possible (including Collection Offers, Bids, NFT pools, and more).
  • Most Gas-Optimized Smart Contracts: OpenSea Pro is pleased to use the most gas-optimized smart contracts of any NFT aggregator, giving us the most efficient way to buy things from several markets.
  • Mobile Compatibility: The OpenSea Pro web app is mobile-friendly and allows you to explore, sweep, and list directly from your phone.
  • Other new features include a watchlist, an overview of live mints, batch transfers, and more.

The full list of supported marketplaces may be seen in OpenSea Pro's Help Centre.

However, this service has not always been known as OpenSea Pro. In truth, OpenSea Pro is the new moniker for a platform that was formerly known as Gem v2, the most recent edition of Gem's NFT aggregation tool. Gem v2 has been rebranded OpenSea Pro because it was purchased by OpenSea in 2022 (albeit Gem's crew will continue to operate behind the scenes).

OpenSea Pro
OpenSea Pro

OpenSea Pro boasts the most optimized gas fees of any NFT aggregator, as well as live, cross-marketplace data and powerful inventory management capabilities that make it simple to buy and list things in bulk. You may also mint products with OpenSea Pro, avoiding potentially harmful third-party websites or contracts.

For a limited time, you may generate OpenSea listings and offers with 0% OpenSea costs on most of your favorite collections with OpenSea Pro. When you accept offers, the platform cost where the offer was made will be reflected. For example, offers generated using OpenSea will incur a 2.5% fee, whereas offers created with OpenSea Pro will incur a 0% fee.

  • To help safeguard users from being misled by inorganic sales volume, an OpenSea fee of up to 0.5% will be charged in either of the following scenarios:
  • A collection's creator profits are set between 0 and less than 0.5%, or the volume and activity of the collection are below particular levels.

Go to https://pro.opensea.io/ to try OpenSea Pro.

Optimizing Gas fees
Optimizing Gas fees

OpenSea Pro also allows users to study market charts related to NFT collections, such as the selling frequency of a specific artist. You can also narrow your searches to prioritize certain categories, such as rarity or price.

You can add several goods to your OpenSea Pro cart, just like you would on any other shopping website, so you don't lose track of what you want to buy.

If you wish to keep track of specific NFTs or creators, you can add collections to your OpenSea Pro watch list.

OpenSea Pro watch list
OpenSea Pro watch list

Note: that in order to build a watchlist on OpenSea Pro, you must connect your wallet. You may link a variety of wallets with OpenSea Pro, including MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Phantom, and Ledger Live.

However, things don't end there. Additionally, you may mint NFTs using OpenSea Pro and watch live mints.

You may view and buy live mints from a variety of creators using the list provided by OpenSea Pro. You can mint some NFTs using the OpenSea platform in addition to live mints. Depending on the collection, you can either receive these NFTs for nothing or for a price.

OpenSea Pro provides a list of live mints
OpenSea Pro provides a list of live mints

Genesis NFT: A Community Appreciation

In celebration of the launch of OpenSea Pro, the Gem team would like to convey their heartfelt appreciation to the community members who have supported them from the platform's inception. To mark this trip, we're excited to announce the 'Gemesis' NFT drop, which is a special 'thank you' to Gem's early adopters.

Qualified users who purchased an NFT on Gem before March 31, 2023, will be able to claim a complimentary Gemesis NFT beginning today and running through May 4, 2023. Join us in celebrating by minting your Gemesis NFT here!

OpenSea vs. OpenSea Pro

Our work at OpenSea to grow the NFT ecosystem and welcome the next 100 million users is just getting started. Using diverse platforms to target different audiences will assist to create a better user experience for these increasingly differentiated kinds of collectors!

And don't forget about community awards. Prepare your spyglasses! We're taking a different approach by offering NFTs as rewards (in addition to our commemorative Gemesis NFT).


OpenSea Pro is an advanced platform offered by OpenSea, one of the leading decentralized marketplaces for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It caters specifically to professional users, such as high-volume traders, collectors, and creators, who require additional features and services to support their NFT-related activities. OpenSea Pro offers enhanced trading capabilities, exclusive access to curated collections and events, priority support, advanced analytics, customizable storefronts, gas fee discounts, and more. It aims to provide a seamless and efficient experience for professional users in the ever-growing NFT ecosystem.


Q. How do I become an OpenSea Pro user?
A. OpenSea Pro is available to users who meet certain criteria, such as high trading volume or specific requirements set by OpenSea. You can apply for Pro status through the OpenSea platform.

Q. What are the benefits of using OpenSea Pro?
A. OpenSea Pro offers advanced trading features, exclusive access to unique NFTs, priority support, advanced analytics, customizable storefronts, and gas fee discounts, among other benefits. These features enhance the trading experience and provide additional tools for professional NFT users.

Q. Can I access OpenSea Pro for free?
A. OpenSea Pro may come with a subscription fee or require meeting certain trading thresholds or criteria. The specific details regarding costs and eligibility can be found on the OpenSea website.

Q. Are there any limitations or restrictions with OpenSea Pro?
A. While OpenSea Pro offers enhanced features and benefits, there may be certain limitations or restrictions depending on your location, trading volume, or other factors. It's important to review the terms and conditions set by OpenSea to understand any limitations that may apply.

Q. Can I switch between OpenSea Pro and the regular OpenSea platform?
A. OpenSea Pro is designed for professional users and offers advanced features not available on the regular OpenSea platform. Once you become a Pro user, you can enjoy the benefits specific to the Pro platform. However, it's important to note that transitioning between Pro and regular accounts may have certain limitations or requirements.