Google’s AI assistant, Gemini, received a recent update that streamlines the navigation process. Now, when you ask Gemini for directions, it will automatically launch Google Maps and initiate navigation after a short pause, eliminating the need to confirm via an additional button press.

Previously, using Gemini for directions involved getting a summary card with route details, estimated time, and a link to open Google Maps for navigation. This update removes that extra step, making navigation a more hands-free experience.

Here’s how to use the new functionality:

  1. Trigger Gemini using your preferred method (hotword, button press, etc.).
  2. Ask for directions using phrases like “navigate to [place name]” or “take me to [location].”
  3. After a few seconds, Gemini will automatically launch Google Maps with your chosen route ready to follow.

This update coincides with another recent addition to Gemini: the ability to use voice commands to set reminders and calendar entries (with the Workspace extension enabled). While media playback isn’t supported yet, Google has hinted at future integration for podcasts, news, and third-party music providers.

Overall, these updates demonstrate Google’s ongoing efforts to enhance Gemini’s capabilities and provide a more seamless user experience.