The creation of Open may take us one step closer to realizing the “Ready Player One” experience. Futurverse Studios and Readyverse. The metaverse co-founded by producer Dan Farah and author Ernest Cline of Ready Player One, released the first official trailer for the third-person battle royale video game Open.

Walker Labs, the company behind Walker World, an open-world shooter released in 2022, collaborated on the new game’s development. Cline’s Readyverse has specifically created its first significant video game. The game’s website lists a variety of genres, environments, and intellectual properties (IPs) as features:

“Open, the hero experience in the Readyverse, is the first genre-defining AAA metaverse gaming experience, integrating top-tier ip through web3 tech. The multi-biome, multi-IP, multi-mode gaming experience allows for interoperability with beloved ip in a range of different formats, from simple skins to full immersive experiences.”

Readyverse Trailer Blends Classic Gaming with Warner Bros. IP

In addition to including recognizable elements, settings, and gameplay from the Ready Player One literature series. Readyverse will also use Warner Bros. intellectual property, as Cointelegraph revealed in January 2024.

The recently released trailer demonstrates this. Even though the clip is only 60 seconds long, keen-eyed viewers will spot an Atari 2600, a Nintendo Entertainment System. A DMC Delorean that appears to be outfitted as the time machine from Back to the Future, and a massive robot that might be connected to the Ready Player One universe even though it doesn’t look like Gundam or Iron Giant from the movie. The robot can also be Jaeger from the Pacific Rim movie franchise from Warner Bros.

At the start and finish of the film, there was also a plush frog and an elaborate bronze-colored key in the background. But Cointelegraph didn’t notice them at away.

Open revealed itself to be a third-person battle royale despite the lack of gameplay footage. This suggests that it will behave similarly to other well-known shooters; the most obvious examples are Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnite.

According to reports, the Readyverse will “champion the principles of the open metaverse.” This covers digital ownership, decentralization, and security, according to earlier claims. This might mean that players can move characters and other game assets between environments. Thereby opening the door to metamarket activities similar to nonfungible tokens.