Starting April 1. Microsoft plans to broaden the reach of its AI-driven cybersecurity tool, introducing a flexible ‘pay-as-you-go. Initially, Microsoft softly launched the ‘Security Copilot’ to enhance the efficiency of cybersecurity teams. Through a straightforward prompt box, it allows analysts to conduct various tasks such as summarizing incidents. Delving into vulnerabilities, and facilitating the sharing of crucial information amongst colleagues via a pinboard feature.

Currently, the tool is in use by approximately 300 customers, showcasing its growing popularity and potential impact on the cybersecurity landscape. Microsoft made this announcement during an event in San Francisco, highlighting the company’s commitment to innovation in cybersecurity.

Vasu Jakkal, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, emphasized the company’s intention behind the flexible pricing strategy. Stating it aims to “reduce the barriers of entry” for potential users. This move indicates Microsoft’s strategic approach to make advanced cybersecurity tools more accessible to a broader audience. Potentially transforming how organizations defend against and respond to cyber threats.