The curtain is falling on Microsoft’s foray into virtual reality. In a surprise announcement, the tech giant revealed its plan to end support for Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) headsets on November 1, 2026, for consumers, and November 1, 2027, for commercial customers. This move sent ripples through the VR community, leaving existing users and developers scrambling for alternatives.

Windows Mixed Reality (WMR)

A Short-Lived Dream

Launched in 2017, WMR aimed to provide an affordable and accessible VR experience for Windows PCs. The platform boasted a range of headsets from various manufacturers, but it struggled to gain significant traction against competitors like Oculus and SteamVR. Factors like a limited content library, technical issues, and lack of marketing might have contributed to its lukewarm reception.

Mixed Reactions to the Sunset

News of WMR’s demise elicited mixed reactions. For existing users, the announcement sparked concerns about the future of their headsets and access to VR experiences. While Microsoft assures continued software support and device functionality until the specified dates, users will no longer receive new features or security updates after that.

Developers also face uncertainty. Some voiced anxieties about the fate of their WMR-specific games and applications, while others saw it as an opportunity to shift focus to more dominant platforms like SteamVR.

The VR Landscape Shifts

Microsoft’s exit from the consumer VR market leaves a gap, but the overall landscape continues to evolve. Meta (formerly Oculus) remains a dominant force, while SteamVR enjoys strong support from PC gamers. HTC Vive and Valve Index offer high-end options, and emerging players like Pico continue to innovate.

Finding Your Next VR Home

For WMR users, the sunset date presents a choice. Some might choose to hold onto their headsets and enjoy existing content until support ends. Others may consider upgrading to VR platforms with wider compatibility and access to a larger library of games and experiences.


While WMR’s sunset casts a shadow, the VR world continues to expand. Staying informed about the evolving landscape and exploring different options will allow you to find the perfect VR experience for your needs and preferences.