Manchester City Football Club, a powerhouse in the Premier League, has announced a multi-year partnership with Quidd, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands focused on digital collectibles. This collaboration signals a step into the exciting world of blockchain technology for the popular football club.

Through this partnership, Manchester City will launch a series of digital collectibles for fans. These collectibles, accessible on the Quidd platform, are expected to take the form of digital “cards” featuring players, potentially alongside other themed digital products. 

The initial launch is slated for May 2nd, with over 200 bespoke digital player cards available for purchase.  The announcement hints at the possibility of “special edition” collectibles offering unique experiences for fans, though details haven’t been revealed yet.

This move by Manchester City reflects a growing trend in sports where teams are leveraging blockchain technology to engage with fans in new ways. Digital collectibles offer a unique ownership experience and can potentially open doors to exclusive content or experiences for fans who collect them.

Tom Boyle, Vice-President of Global Partnerships Marketing and Operations at City Football Group, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting its potential to transform traditional sports collecting and connect with fans globally. He also mentioned the possibility of future collaborations on digital experiences and games for fans.

Source: Club News

This partnership is certainly exciting news for Manchester City fans who are interested in exploring the world of digital collectibles. With the launch date approaching, fans can stay tuned for more details about the types of collectibles offered and how they can participate.