In a pioneering move, Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) across India will soon introduce an “AI for All” curriculum. This initiative aims to build awareness about Artificial Intelligence (AI) among students. It will prepare them for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

The Future Right Skills Network (FRSN), in collaboration with the Directorate General of Training (DGT), spearheads this initiative. It marks a significant step towards equipping youth with AI awareness. This will enhance their employability prospects in the rapidly evolving job market.

AI For All

The “AI for All” curriculum initiates the journey into AI by fostering awareness. It bridges the gap between industry requirements and academic offerings. Aligning academic programs with evolving industry needs is crucial for student success.

Formed in 2019, FRSN is a collaborative effort of Quest Alliance, Accenture, Cisco, J.P. Morgan, and SAP Labs India. This collaborative underscores a collective commitment to empowering India’s youth. It aims to equip up to 2.5 million learners across 15,000 ITIs nationwide.

Aakash Sethi, CEO of Quest Alliance, emphasized the curriculum’s objective. “Learners gain a comprehensive understanding of AI, its history, principles, and types,” he said. Additionally, students explore AI and Generative AI tools for creating digital content and education applications.

On Thursday, Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan witnessed the MoU exchange between DGT and FRSN. Moreover, he highlighted the critical role of skilling and reskilling in the job market. “Our present era is disruptive,” he said, adding, “Whoever understands this will remain relevant.”

The renewed MoU outlines collaboration in four broad areas: curriculum and assessment, trainer development, women and work, and future skills integration. Specifically, it covers employability skills, green mindsets, and AI proficiency.

Additionally, Sindhu Gangadharan, SVP & MD of SAP Labs India, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership. “This strategic collaboration fosters a vital connection between academia and the business world,” she said. Furthermore, SAP remains committed to equipping students with essential digital age skills.


Since the previous MoU in 2019, FRSN and DGT have revolutionized Employability Skills training within ITIs. Through a digital curriculum, they have catalyzed transformative learning experiences nationwide. This effort has already impacted 2.5 lakh youth within the ITI ecosystem.

Furthermore, FRSN has trained 3,250 Employability Skills trainers, empowering them with knowledge and tools. Several states have appointed dedicated trainers, amplifying the program’s reach and effectiveness. This success stems from robust support from eight State Governments and the DGT.