A new type of foldable device that deviates from the traditional foldable smartphone form factor is being actively developed by Apple. Explore Apple’s foldable future as we delve beyond iPhones, witnessing the emergence of a larger and innovative device.

According to a DigiTimes article that cites individuals within the Taiwan-based supply chain, Apple’s proposed foldable device may resemble a tablet or a notebook. This is consistent with earlier reports that suggested Apple would be developing a foldable iPad before developing a foldable iPhone.

Apple intends to enter the foldables market, although there have long been rumors. New studies have reported significant progress in this area. Over the last five years, the tech giant based in Cupertino has invested significantly in this initiative.

The source indicates that Apple will start manufacturing the item in a sophisticated factory in China after finalizing design decisions. Unlike the forecasts of analysts and Apple’s supporters regarding a foldable iPhone, a MacRumors story suggested a departure from the traditional handset paradigm. It suggested Apple’s focus is on a “larger device,” likely an iPad.

According to the stories, engineers from the Vision Pro team are leading the development of the foldable device. The Vision Pro Team designs the device’s crucial hinge and explores the possibility of adding a special feature to it.

With Apple’s imminent entry, it makes sense to compare it with key players in the foldable industry like Samsung, Oppo, Google, Huawei, and Xiaomi. A few years ago, each of these device manufacturers had previously debuted foldable models. Despite this, the release of Apple’s foldable tablet seems unlikely until 2025, considering the current stage of the device’s design.