Apple is in the process of testing the next iOS 17.4 release. In accordance with the EU’s Digital Markets Act, the business launched public beta testing of iOS 17.4 earlier this month, including new features and improvements. Apple has made some additional significant modifications to the beta 4 version available for developers, just as the final release draws near.

The most recent version of 21E5209b includes improvements to the Settings app and introduces a new splash screen that users can customize upon rebooting. Registered developers can now access beta 4 by navigating to General> Software Update in the Settings app. Later this week, Apple is expected to release iOS 17.4 beta 4 to public beta testers.

iOS 17.4 Beta 4

Apple continues to improve its mobile operating system with the release of iOS 17.4 beta 4, which includes a number of notable improvements and fixes. This beta version includes several major enhancements to the CarPlay experience, improved battery management tools, and a personalized welcome screen.

Along with celebrating diversity with the addition of seven new emoji variations and expanded language compatibility for Siri, the iOS 17.4 beta doesn’t simply focus on functionality. Users may now converse with Siri in other languages and express themselves more effectively with a greater variety of emoji alternatives.

New set of Emojis

Final Release

It’s important to keep in mind that the iOS 17.4 beta is still under development even while it provides a preview of what Apple’s mobile environment may look like in the future. Users may anticipate more improvements prior to the final release in early March, as Apple continues to fine-tune the software in response to input from developers and beta testers.

Excitement is building for the revolutionary upgrades and improvements that iOS 17.4 will bring to iPhone consumers worldwide as we wait for its public release.