A few X users praised Buterin for pushing open-source software; however, a few others noted that Linux had its own set of challenges.

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin argues that the open-source operating system (OS) Linux is the ideal solution to Elon Musk’s Microsoft Windows OS difficulties. He invited Musk to the desktop Linux community a day after Musk complained that he couldn’t install Microsoft’s Windows operating system on his recently purchased computer without a Microsoft account.

Linux, like Windows, iOS, and macOS, is an operating system (OS), but unlike most others, it is open source. The Linux operating system was first launched in September 1991, and it has grown in popularity among a certain group of users over time. Today, the ubiquitous mobile operating system Android is powered by Linux.

Open-source software’s source code is available for anyone to see, modify, and improve. When programmers have access to a computer program’s source code, they can improve it by adding new features or fixing bugs.

Buterin is a well-known open-source champion, so his suggestion came as no surprise to many. Many users on X praised Buterin for encouraging open-source software; however, a few others pointed out that Linux may not be the ideal option for Musk, given that his primary use of the PC will be gaming.

Musk took to X on February 26 to explain that he couldn’t use his Windows-based laptop PC without a Microsoft account. He noted that there was previously an “option to skip signing in to or creating a Microsoft account.”

Many platform users added that Windows OS could still be used without a Microsoft account, prompting Musk to include a community statement in his tweet. However, Musk reacted to the community note by asserting that the option is no longer available. His comment to the community note received another message indicating that the option is still accessible, but a little more sophisticated than Windows 10 and requires some tricky “workarounds that the average Andy might not be aware of.”

Users on X also added a complex workaround process in the comment to help Musk navigate the process, but the Tesla CEO believes it shouldn’t be this complex.