The move-to-earn app StepN, built on the Solana blockchain, is giving away $30 million worth of FSL points to its users. This airdrop aims to reward loyal users and drum up excitement for a future partnership with a major sports brand.

FSL points can be redeemed for StepN’s GMT token at a 1:1 ratio.  These tokens can be used for in-app features like minting new sneakers or leveling up your character. Additionally, FSL points can be used in the upcoming NFT mints within the StepN ecosystem and to acquire exclusive prizes.

The way users receive FSL points differs depending on their involvement within the app. Those with STEPN badges will earn points based on achievements completed within the app. Genesis Sneaker holders, representing the app’s most dedicated users, will be eligible for a larger share of the reward pool.

This airdrop continues until the end of April. StepN hopes to foster a vibrant community where users are incentivized to stay active and engaged with the platform’s features.