The TON blockchain, the network powering Telegram’s new advertising platform, is rolling out a massive $115 million community incentive program. Announced on March 20th, the Open Network Foundation, which oversees TON, will distribute 30 million Toncoin (TON) tokens to incentivize user participation and growth within the TON ecosystem.

This program aims to supercharge engagement by offering rewards in four key areas:

  • Token Mining and User Rewards: $38 million worth of TON will be allocated to activities that contribute to the network’s health and user base. This could involve running validator nodes, participating in governance, or simply using TON services.
  • Airdrops: Free TON tokens, valued at $22 million, will be distributed strategically to attract new users and promote wider adoption of the TON blockchain.
  • The League Developer Ecosystem: A $15 million chunk is dedicated to supporting developers building applications and tools on the TON blockchain. This could involve grants, hackathons, or other initiatives that foster innovation within the TON ecosystem.
  • Liquidity Pool Boosts: To enhance the overall liquidity of TON tokens, $40 million will be used to incentivize users to provide liquidity on cryptocurrency exchanges. This helps ensure smoother trading and easier access to TON tokens for users.

The distribution of these 30 million TON tokens will begin on April 1st and will be spread out over month-long seasons. This phased approach allows the Open Network Foundation to monitor the program’s effectiveness and make adjustments as needed.

This initiative comes on the heels of a successful pilot program that distributed over $2.6 million worth of TON tokens. The positive response from the community has fueled optimism for the larger-scale program.

By offering these substantial rewards, TON hopes to attract new users, developers, and investors, ultimately accelerating the growth and adoption of the TON blockchain and its associated services, including Telegram’s advertising platform.