Pinterest is shaking things up with its AI-powered collages! The platform recently revealed that these user-generated creations, powered by computer vision and machine learning, are outperforming the traditional single-image Pins in terms of engagement.

This news comes after Pinterest integrated the collage functionality, initially introduced in their separate app Shuffles, directly into the main platform. Though creating a collage requires more effort compared to simply saving a single Pin, users seem to be embracing the new format.

According to Pinterest’s Q1 2024 earnings call, users are roughly three times more likely to save collages than regular Pins. Interestingly, a significant portion of these collages even include clickable product links, hinting at potential e-commerce opportunities.

This trend seems to be particularly popular with Gen Z users, who make up a whopping 70% of collage creators on Pinterest. Bill Ready, CEO of Pinterest, emphasized the importance of improving Pin usability to enhance user satisfaction and engagement, ultimately aiming to grow the platform’s monthly active user base.

While the reasons behind the higher engagement of collages remain open to interpretation, it’s clear that users enjoy the ability to curate content from various sources, including Pinterest itself, websites, and their own photos, to express their unique style and interests. This shift towards a more interactive and personalized experience could be a game-changer for Pinterest’s future.