Under Sam Altman, OpenAI partners with Figure AI for humanoid robots, addressing labor shortages and supporting supply chains. Figure AI recently secures $675 million in funding, accelerating the deployment of humanoid robots for commercial use. The investment involves entities like OpenAI Startup Fund, Microsoft, Jeff Bezos, Parkway Venture Capital, Intel Capital, Nvidia, ARK Invest, and Align Ventures.

Collaboratively, Figure and OpenAI develop advanced AI models for humanoid robots, utilizing OpenAI’s research and Figure’s robotics expertise. This collaboration seeks to boost capabilities in language processing and reasoning, advancing humanoid robots in various industries. Peter Welinder, OpenAI’s VP of Product and Partnerships, expresses enthusiasm for reentering robotics. He highlights the potential of combining multimodal models with Figure’s progress, seeking untapped possibilities for AI-powered robots in everyday life.

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This collaboration signifies a significant stride in robotics, introducing advanced AI capabilities to humanoid robots. Joint efforts between Figure and OpenAI aim to redefine robots’ roles in various industries, presenting AI-driven solutions for real-world challenges.

“Our vision at Figure is to bring humanoid robots into commercial operations as soon as possible. This investment, combined with our partnership with OpenAI and Microsoft, ensures that we are well-prepared to bring embodied AI into the world to make a transformative impact on humanity,” said Adcock in the official statement.