Roblox is a popular online platform that allows users to create and play games created by other users. While the platform is open to people of all ages, some features and content may be restricted to certain age groups. To ensure a safe and age-appropriate experience, Roblox has implemented an age verification system. In this article, we will guide you through the process of verifying your age on Roblox Studio.

Roblox’s Age Verification Requirements

So, before we begin the Roblox age verification procedure, please check the following boxes:

1. A Government-Issued Photo ID

Roblox offers a solid age verification mechanism that doesn’t just take your word for it. To pass the procedure, you must have an authentic government-issued ID with your photo on it. This will assist the system in ensuring that your name and face match the records and pass you. Your official ID might be your driver’s license, passport, or residence card. If you don’t have one of them, just make sure you have some sort of government-issued ID with your photo on it before proceeding.

2. A Smartphone With A QR Code Scanner App

While the verification process begins on your computer, it will be transported over to your smartphone. Scanning a QR code is a part of it. Make sure you have a phone with a camera that can scan QR codes. Check out these great QR code readers for Android. iOS users may bring up the scanner by pulling down the Control Center from the top right corner and tapping on the QR code icon.

3. Make Sure Your Age: You Must Be Over 13

You wouldn’t be the first person to attempt to trick Roblox by seeming older than you are, even if I realize this is a repeat of myself. As we previously discussed, Roblox has a valid rationale for requiring users to authenticate their age in order to access certain material. This is because younger kids shouldn’t be able to play every game on the site. Therefore, if you are still under the age of 13 and are using a false ID to evade the verification procedure, please stop and wait until you are of legal age.

How To Verify Your Age On Roblox

So, now that we have everything we need to ensure the procedure is a success let’s proceed to verify our age on Roblox. Keep your government ID available and follow the procedures below.

1. With your Roblox account already signed in, click the cog symbol in the top-right corner and then pick “Settings” from the dropdown menu.

Roblox Settings

2. Among all of your details in the “Account Info” area, your birthdate will be included under the “Personal” option. There is also a “Verify My Age” option beneath the birth date. To proceed, simply click on it.

Verify My Age

3. A pop-up window will appear with information on the prerequisites and a QR code. Pick up your smartphone, launch the QR code app, and begin scanning. I used my Android for this demonstration, but iPhone users should have no trouble following along.

Identity Verification

Note: After scanning the QR code, do not close the QR code tab on your PC.

4. After scanning, you will be sent to the screen shown below. To begin, tap the “Begin verifying” button and allow any camera permissions requested by the app.

Begin Verifying

5. Now is the moment to photograph the page of your documents. Insert your official identification inside the frame and press the “Camera” button.

Documents photo click

6. You will now be requested to rotate your document. After placing it, touch the Camera button again.

Rotate your document

7. It’s now time for a quick selfie. Place your face in the frame of the front camera and press the “Camera” button.

Quick Selfie

8. Now, simply wait till you see the screen below. The system will check and cross-reference your provided document against your face before making a judgment. This may take some time, so don’t be concerned if the wheel continues to revolve.

The wheel continues

9. Return to the QR code tab of your desktop browser now, and you should get a Pass or Fail result. As you can see, there were no problems when it came to verifying my age. Make sure you use a different ID and that your face is better lighted in the selfie if your attempt at achieving the desired outcome fails. But be aware that you will now need to wait seven days to attempt verification again.

Verifying my age

And that’s how simple it is to use Roblox to prove your age. Go ahead and explore the entirety of Roblox now, and engage in uninterrupted audio chats with pals.

Play Roblox And Easily Confirm Your Age!

We really hope that this tutorial helped you to accurately confirm your Roblox age. Now that you have full access to the platform explore all of Roblox’s features. Completely new to the game? So go ahead and How To Create An Account on Roblox? and follow the instructions above.


Verifying your age on Roblox Studio is an important step to ensure a safer and more enjoyable experience on the platform. It not only helps you access age-appropriate content but also contributes to the overall safety and compliance of the platform. Follow the age verification method that suits you best, and remember that your personal information is handled securely in accordance with Roblox’s privacy policies. By verifying your age, you can fully enjoy the Roblox experience while staying safe online.


Q. How do you verify 13+ on Roblox?
Roblox uses a multi-step verification process to ensure the safety and authenticity of its users. To verify age, users may need to provide their birthdate, and in some cases, Roblox might request a parent’s email for additional verification. This process helps restrict access to age-appropriate content and features. Always follow Roblox’s guidelines and provide accurate information during the verification process to maintain a safe and enjoyable experience on the platform.

Q. How do you get verified on Roblox Studio?
To get verified on Roblox Studio, you must first ensure your account meets specific requirements, including a verified email, phone number, and a history of positive community engagement. Next, visit the Roblox verification page and follow the instructions to complete the verification process. Once verified, you can access additional features and tools within Roblox Studio.

A. Is Roblox verify age safe?
 Roblox’s age verification process aims to enhance online safety for younger players. It typically involves providing your birthdate and sometimes requires parental consent for users under a certain age. This can help filter and restrict content inappropriate for younger players, making it a safer platform. However, no system is entirely foolproof, and it’s crucial for parents to monitor their children’s online activities. Overall, Roblox’s age verification is a helpful tool, but safety ultimately depends on responsible use and parental guidance.