OpenAI, the leading artificial intelligence research lab, has restructured its venture capital fund. The fund, designed to support promising AI startups, previously operated under the ownership of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. However, according to a recent SEC filing, Altman has relinquished control.

This change comes after questions were raised about the fund’s structure. Though marketed as an extension of OpenAI, Altman personally raised the $175 million from external partners like Microsoft while also holding decision-making power over investments. While OpenAI maintained Altman had no financial stake, the potential for a conflict of interest was evident.

The fund’s leadership has now transitioned to Ian Hathaway, a partner since 2021. Hathaway boasts a successful track record, having overseen the fund’s accelerator program and spearheaded investments in several AI companies.

This move signifies OpenAI’s commitment to transparency and potential efforts to distance itself from any perceived conflicts. The reasons behind Altman’s decision remain unclear, but it likely reflects a desire to mitigate potential biases and ensure the fund operates independently.

The impact of this restructuring on the fund’s investment strategy remains to be seen. However, it assures greater transparency and potentially opens doors for a wider range of investors interested in supporting the future of AI.

This development comes amidst a period of significant growth for OpenAI. With the recent announcement of a $100 billion data center project co-developed with Microsoft featuring the powerful AI supercomputer “Stargate,” OpenAI is poised to make significant strides in the field.

The restructuring of the startup fund further emphasizes OpenAI’s commitment to responsible and ethical development of artificial intelligence.