Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano (ADA), recently launched a social media poll on platform X. The poll asks users if they’d be interested in seeing Cardano integrate Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as a partner chain.

Hoskinson framed the poll as “hypothetical,” proposing that BCH would be upgraded with Cardano’s tech stack, including “Useful Proof of Work Leios, NiPoPoWs, and Ergo tech.” This upgrade, according to the poll, would transform BCH into the “fastest and most useful proof of work chain ever built.”

The community response has been significant. Within the first 24 hours, the poll garnered over 12,000 votes, with a current majority (around 66%) in favor of the integration.

While the final outcome of the poll remains to be seen, it has sparked discussions about potential benefits and drawbacks. Proponents believe the integration could enhance scalability and transaction speeds for both networks. Additionally, it might leverage the strengths of each blockchain – Cardano’s advanced tech with BCH’s established user base.

However, skeptics raise concerns about technical complexities and potential compatibility issues. Furthermore, some question the necessity of merging two established blockchains with different philosophies. Regardless of the poll’s final results, it highlights the ongoing quest for innovation and collaboration within the cryptocurrency space. It remains to be seen if Cardano and Bitcoin Cash will forge a path toward integration, but the community’s interest is undeniable.